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The Uk Provisional Driving Licence

If you desire to legally drive a car in the UK you habit a full driving licence which can be obtained by either exchanging your foreign licence if it is on the DVLA list of enough countries or learning to drive on a provisional licence if you don't have one or have no previous driving experience.

You can apply for a provisional licence 2 months before your 17th birthday or 16th if you are on cutting edge rate of disability benefit. You are not allowed to drive on the public roads until your provisional licence arrives (unless you have an international driving permit) and you attain your 17th birthday (if below 17).

To apply for a provisional licence, you habit a D1 application form which is approachable from most UK publish offices, and the current application money up front (Nov 2008) is ?50. A few of the behind documents will be required to resolution your licence application form.

A current full passport
An identity card issued by a member give leave to enter of the European linkage (EU) behind the exception of Sweden.
Appropriate travel documents issued by the home Office
A UK endorse of naturalisation
If using your birth certificate, you will habit one of the behind in addition:
NI card or letter from Department for enactment and Pensions containing your NI number
photocopy of stomach page of a promote baby book or an indigenous promote claim letter
P45, P60 or pay slip
marriage endorse or divorce papers (decree nisi or absolute)
College or university circles linkage card or bookish record
Certified passport sized photograph.

The D1 application form will allow you know how many of the above you habit to enclose behind applying for your provisional licence.

Digital UK passports owners can apply for their provisional licence online at the DVLA Website.

Once you've normal your provisional licence, you can begin learning to drive either behind a professional instructor, a intimates member or a friend.

Make definite you open and understand the terms and conditions attached to your provisional licence, as you habit to abide by the law, and don't get penalty points on your licence as these will drive going on insurance premiums for you, and any points on your provisional licence will transfered to your full driving licence behind you pass the driving test.

On your first driving lesson, your driving bookish will check both parts of your provisional licence (photocard and counterpart), hence make definite you agree to fine care of these documents. You next will habit to fabricate both parts of your licence behind you agree to your theory and practical tests.

Conditions of Provisional Licence
It is important as a provisional driving license holder that you are sufficiently aware of the enactment governing how you learn to drive in the UK, and the terms of your license.

As a provisional license holder, you can not drive a car unsupervised. The terms of your license give leave to enter that you must be accompanied by a full license holder who is on top of 21 and has held their license for 3 years or more.
If you are caught driving unsupervised as a provisional licence holder, you could be fined, and have penalty points further on your license.
A foreign license holder behind an international driving permit can drive unsupervised provided your car is not displaying 'L' plates and are driving within the first 12 months of their first arrival in the UK

If you without help have a provisional driving license, you must display 'L' plates behind driving a car in the UK. It is a condition of your being a learner that you MUST display regulation sized 'L' plates behind driving a car, the 'L' plates must be helpfully visible from both the stomach and rear of the car you are driving.

You must be insured to drive the car you are learning in as a provisional licencee. This is not usually a problem if you are learning to drive behind a professional Driving bookish (ADI), but make definite that your instructor's registration has not expired, and if in doubt you should question for proof. It is YOUR answerability as the driver to know that the car is insured, as in the achievement of an accident, the 3rd party will pursue you in the first instance as the driver in achievement of the car, though your overseer or bookish could be seen as an accomplice.

As a provisional license holder, you next habit to make definite the car you are driving is road worthy, this is not limited to having a current MOT, but includes the tyres being legal, every lights in practicing order, and the exhaust system practicing properly, the police will stop any car they suspect is not sufficiently worthy to be driven on the public roads.

Ignorance is no explanation in the sight of the law, hence make definite you are sufficiently open the conditions of your provisional license.

Provisional Licence, Points and the DSA driving test
If you've been unfortunate and have penalty points on your provisional licence, then the information below would be of back up to you.

You should be aware that if you are supervising a learner driver, and he/she breaks the law, that you could next be prosecuted for aiding and abetting.

1. Any points further to your provisional licence will stay on for a minimum of 4 years.

2. There is no driving course or any other means of getting points off your licence, they can without help be removed after the statutory era has expired.

3. Points are not automatically removed from licences, you have to apply to the DVLA and pay a money up front for the points to be removed.

4. Points on your licence will not stop you from taking the driving test, but if you have more than 6 points on your provisional licence, then your licence could be revoked below the other driver act! Your pass endorse along behind your provisional licence will be sent off to the DVLA, and you could get a letter back up advising that you are behind another time a learner and habit to pass the driving exam again.

5. 12 points or more on any UK driving licence means a minimun of a 6 month driving ban.

6. Penalty points on a driving licence usually results in cutting edge insurance premiums

So if you are a provisional driving licence holder, drive carefully, don't fracture the law, and hopefully you will pass the UK driving exam and get your full driving licence.


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